April 19-29, 2018


An official selection at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, writer/director Michael O’Shea’s debut feature The Transfiguration follows troubled 14-year-old Milo. An orphan and an outsider, ignored by his schoolmates and bullied by older kids, Milo takes refuge in his Queens apartment and hides behind his fascination with vampire lore. With no parents around to provide guidance, his older brother Lewis is the only family he has. When he meets his equally alienated new neighbor Sophie, the two form a bond that begins to challenge Milo’s dark obsession, blurring his fantasy into reality and leading him to develop unexpected feelings. A thoughtful coming-of-age portrait set against the backdrop of almost constant violence, The Transfiguration is a gritty, atmospheric thriller befitting of its New York City locale.

Director Michael O’Shea to be in attendance for screenings!